Squeeze – Las Vegas 10/14/23

Squeeze’s performance at The Pearl (in the Palms Casino) was a remarkable testament to their enduring talent and stage presence. In a career spanning several decades and marked by numerous challenges and changes, the band delivered a show that surpassed expectations. The audience witnessed a living jukebox of songs that pleased the audience with something for everyone. 

The band’s current lineup of founding members Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford, features accomplished musicians like Simon Hanson, Stephen Large, Steve Smith, Melvin Duffy, and Owen Biddle, added fresh energy and personality to every song. The synergy between these talented individuals was palpable, enhancing the overall performance.

Classic hits like “Pulling Muscles (from the shell)”, “Tempted” and “Cool for Cats” led to electrifying solo performances by each member during “Black Coffee In Bed/Is That Love”. Melvin’s searing guitar solo, Stephen Large’s lively keyboard antics, Steve Smith’s percussion showcase, Owen’s thumping bass solo, and Simon Hanson’s drumming prowess left the audience in awe. The band’s energy and musicianship were truly exceptional.

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