Riverside at Amplified Live

Riverside, a progressive rock/metal band hailing from Warsaw, Poland, has made a significant impact on the music scene since their formation in 2001. Known for their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Riverside has consistently pushed the boundaries of the progressive rock genre, creating music that is both complex and emotionally charged. With their exceptional musicianship and dynamic performances, Riverside has gained a dedicated following of fans around the world. 

In what would be one of the final performances of any act at Amplified Live in Dallas, TX on February 21st, Riverside was supremely impressive. Mariusz Duda’s soulful vocals, Piotr Grudziński’s guitar work is impressive while Piotr Kozieradzki’s drumming is tight and precise, driving the music forward with dynamic rhythms, and rounding out the bands sound is Michał Łapaj’s keyboards that add rich textures and atmospheric layers to the sound. The band’s ability to effortlessly navigate complex time signatures and incorporate various musical influences into their compositions is truly commendable, showcasing their high level of musicianship.

This performance of 12 songs was a treat for all of the progressive rock/metal enthusiasts in the audience. Their energy and passion were palpable, drawing the audience into their world of music. The band’s chemistry on stage is evident, with their tight playing and seamless transitions between different sections of their songs. This American leg of their tour in support of ID. Entity left the audience wanting more. With their growing following, more U.S. touring is almost certain. (Setlist below images)



Panic Room

Landmine Blast

Big Tech Brother

Left Out


The Place Where I Belong

Egoist Hedonist

We Got Used to Us



Conceiving You

Friend or Foe?

Riverside at Amplified Live