Tenacious D brings the Spicy Meatball to Dallas!

Tenacious D, the musical duo comprised of Kyle Gass and the multi-talented actor/comedian Jack Black, is nothing short of a powerhouse in the world of rock comedy.

Their September 14th performance at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, TX, was nothing short of phenomenal. This dynamic duo delivered an electrifying performance that had the capacity audience on their feet, singing along, and thoroughly entertained from start to finish. 

Jack Black’s larger-than-life personality shone brightly throughout the show, bringing a unique blend of humor and charisma to the stage. His interactions with the audience were a highlight, creating an engaging and memorable experience. Meanwhile, Kyle Gass showcased his exceptional guitar prowess, demonstrating his musical mastery with skillful and passionate guitar solos that left the crowd in awe.

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